Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mike Lupica

Mike Lupica

Mike Thomas Lupica was born May 11th 1952 in Oneida, New York. Mike was an only child. He lived with his parents mainly in New Hampshire. Mike went to collage at Boston Collage in Massachusetts.

Wife and Family

Mike married Taylor Lupica. He has three kids. One girl and three boys.They live in Canaan, Conneticuit. mike likes to coach them in baseball basketball and soccer.

Mike has written many books!

Summer of '98: When Homers Flew, Records Fell, and Baseball Reclaimed America (1999) Bump and Run (2000) Full Court Press (2001) Wild Pitch (2002) Red Zone (2003) Too Far (2004) Travel Team (2004) Heat (2005) Miracle on 49th Street (2006) Hot Hand (2007) Two-Minute Drill (2007) Summer Ball (2007) Safe at Home (2008) The Big Field (2008) Yankees '98: Best Ever! (a compendium of Daily News coverage, 1999) Best American Sports Writing 2005 (2005) Fathers & Sons & Sports: An Anthology of Great American Sports Writing (2008)‏
Parcells: An Autobiography of the Biggest Giant of Them All (1987) Wait 'Till Next Year, (with William Goldman, 1988)
Shooting From The Lip: Essays, Columns, Quips, and Gripes in the Grand Tradition of Dyspeptic Sports Writing (1988) Extra Credits (1990) Limited Partner (1990) Jump! (1995) and Reggie (1984).


Mike started working at age 23 writing for the New York Knicks. He has a very successful sports column in the New York Daily News. Lupica is on a sports show called Sports Reporters. Mike has written in many magazines such as Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest, Play Boy and Espn the Magazine. Most recently he is writing very good children's sports book.

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